Overcoming architectural barriers is the only way to open a safe escape route from buildings in evacuation situations.

Stairs, steps, ramps that are too narrow or steep and other structural obstacles of various kinds can cause serious delays in the implementation of any rescue procedures required or even make it impossible for people in need to leave buildings when immediate evacuation is needed. In some cases the stakes are life itself.

The stair chair is a simple and quick device that allows you to bring to safety people with limited deambulation skills who require to quickly leave a multi-storey building.

The advantage of being manual devices makes them usable in any extraordinary context. They do not require electricity, which in case of fire, earthquake or other disasters is often interrupted. Their lightness allows a quick use and an easy transport even in a closed position from one area to another in a building where the device becomes necessary.

A single person, thanks to the use of this device, is able to provide help in total autonomy and without any efforts to those who need to get to the lower floors or reach an exit on the ground floor and it is prevented by physical or mental situations even temporary.

To be able to use it, you do not need any special training, just consult the simple instructions on the back of the headrest. For all these reasons, Excape evacuation chairs offer great safety, easily and quickly available in any moment for everyone.