Once upon a time there was a transfer sheet. Now there is WOW.
There are several factors that determine the progress of the emergency culture. One of these is certainly the research in the field of EMS aimed at solving problems that rescue workers encounter daily in carrying out their activities.
When a good idea translates into a product and this product becomes usable in a simple and almost natural way to professionals, then one can affirm to have made his own contribution to progress. From the research of engineers specialized in the field of first aid and evacuation products, a revolutionary device is born, which opens a new dimension in the field of patient transport.

The new dimension of the patients’ transport
WOW is a device for the recovery and handling of patients without sign of spinal trauma, from the first medical operations to the stretcher or the rescue vehicle. It is the perfect solution for the handling of the bedridden patient or the elderly in cases of emergency fire evacuation or the evacuation of patients from hospital structures. It’s a complete system that makes the operators work easy, reducing both effort and operating time. It also makes the patient to feel safe during the entire emergency procedure. The sheet is ideal for rescue operations and during operations on stairs or in confined spaces; the patient can be transported both in the lying and sitting position.
WOW has a system of aluminium supports assembled with polyester elastic straps, which can be folded in three and inserted inside the lateral guides on the sides of the sheet.
The lateral supports, are self-assembled and very easy to insert even when the patient is lying down on the sheet. They make use of the entire length of the device and provide real support to the patient by reducing flexion by 70%.
The double layer structure is incredibly resistant and it creates a special retaining pocket on the back of the device, where the lateral supports and other accessories can be stored. It’s made with fireproof and non-absorbent fabric that allows rapid and efficient sanitization.
WOW can be rolled up and it’s very easy to store. The many innovations of this device have all been designed to be useful to the health operator during his activity of first response and at the same time will make the patient feel incredibly comfortable when using the device.

For the patient
The handles of WOW have been designed to support the patient and assist a correct and comfortable posture. The handles on the inside of the device are purpose made specifically for the patient and on feeling safer they are then more collaborative with the health operators. The width of the handles’ tape helps the patient to have a firmer and more comfortable grip. The unique “Angel Shape” of the sheet in the patient’s head-shoulder zone, offers superior lateral support during transportation.
The footrest can be adjusted in two different positions in order to increase the longitudinal containment. It offers excellent stability, both to the patient and the device itself. The patient will feel safer as he will have no sensation of slipping.
All these innovations enclosed in a single device make the use of WOW absolutely easy and ideal. The transported, as a non-traumatic and therefore not immobilized patient, can feel protected and safe in the anatomical posture that takes place within WOW. The quality of rescuers’ work also improves thanks to the patient’s increased collaboration.

For the rescuers
The innovative adjustable side straps allow the health operators to carry out correct lifting procedures, by contributing to a sensitive muscular deactivation and diminishing the pressure of contact between the device and the operator. The rapid selection system for the correct length related to the height of the operator, contributes to an improved load distribution. This allows an easy use of the device even in the event where the two rescuers have different heights, avoiding dangerous lateral inclinations of the cloth and consequent risks of slipping of the patient, a situation to which the classic transfer sheets are generally subjected. The straps can be removed when not needed. Both the adjustment of the shoulder straps and the fastening of the foot support are done in a simple way thanks to a carabiner hooks system, which makes handling procedures very fast. WOW opens a new era in the history of the EMS devices.