Google Trends is nothing more than the ranking of the most searched words in the world on the search engine of the Mountain View company. The ranking allows to understand which topics have more interested users during the year 2017.

Globally, the ranking sees Hurricane Irma as the most sought after topic of the year. The hurricane has been the most intense in the last 10 years for the Atlantic Ocean and has hit more states like Cuba and Florida devastating large areas.

Google’s video about its 2017 Trends is suggestive and evocative and tells a story about this world and the times we are living in, times of unprecedented troubles for humanity, but also times in which the priority is to stay united and connected in order to help people in need.

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, shootings, terrorist attacks, wars, rumors of war, international threats and struggle against famines have stuck individuals and communities even in the most unusual places. Many people and organizations have been committed in trying to find ways for helping victims of an unprecedented series of major events involving the whole planet.

The global sharing of information and knowledge with actual technologies (iPhone 8 and iPhone X are the second and third most searched words in 2017) and through social networks, unites humanity, in a world always more open and connected. There are many ways to use communication media and appliances, you can make a difference each single day and the choice is only yours.
You decide how to move forward.
Search on.

This is also our best wish for the new year to come.


The complete list of global Google searches in 2017 is available here.