Located inside the Mole Antonelliana, major landmark building in Turin (Italy), the National Cinema Museum is a sacred place celebrating the history and the artworks of the Italian film industry.
The most solemn building of the city (“mole” means in Italian something of monumental proportions), completed in 1889, which was originally conceived of as a synagogue, houses one of the most evocative collections of the magic world of the motion picture art.

The visitors can admire posters, advertising materials, photographs, periodicals, sound recordings, paintings, printed artworks, machinery used for video-shooting, movie reels and tens of thousands of books collected into a unique library. The museum also collects pre-cinematographic optical devices such as lanterns and lenses, earlier and current movie technologies, stage items and equipment from early Italian movies and other memorabilia.

The idea for the National Cinema Museum was conceived in 1941 when Maria Adriana Prolo, historian and collector, planned the creation of a space totally dedicated to the documentation of Torino’s film industry. This rich heritage includes nearly 1.8 million pieces of art.
There is something very particular about this art collection: it is the tallest museum in the world.
The Mole Antonelliana which hosts it reaches 167 meters height. The museum is located little lower.

We are proud to count the National Cinema Museum in Turin amongst our customers. Last year there have been 690.000 visitors, confirming the museum amongst the most visited ones in Italy. Security inside a place of gathering like a museum, where hundreds of different people are present every day, is of the utmost importance. Safety should be guaranteed at any time for any emergency that may occur.

Museums in particular are often displaced on many stages and so having many stairways. Its visitors cover any age range and many amongst them everyday can be in need of help. The best way to be ready and prepared is to set an evacuation chair at each stage, next to the stairs. This device will make any mobility issue or evacuation procedure easy and safe.