When it comes to the occupational health, safety is of utmost importance. Acknowledgment of the risks concerning any industrial activity are the starting point in order to determinate emergency plans and to achieve safe operations. Respect of fire and safety regulations, evacuation procedures, mobility plans for workers occupying dislocated quarters and scheduled training programs providing continuous updates are the pillars for the foundation of a strong and valuable safety system.

Every worker must take care of his own health and safety and those of other people present in the workplace, on which fall the effects of his actions or omissions, in accordance with his training, operational instructions he follows and machinery he uses for his work. A profound sense of responsibility and deep commitment guides co-workers and companies throughout a security route which only leads to mutual benefits. An encouraged collaboration in workers’ communities and across ranks in a blame-free environment is the key to seek effective solutions to safety problems.

Alarm and detection systems, evacuation devices, first respond and first aid facilities must always be kept checked-in and signalled. Only with the above equipment in place and functioning properly, quality safety levels can be guaranteed. Dangerous situations require a perfect handling of occurrences and a prompt call-answer action involving all the identified safety operators within the environment.

The concept of “Culture of Safety” can be described as a really smart state of mind, which predisposes to a logical and resolute analysis of current risks. The next step is a careful planning and subsequent implementation of the strategies that best adapt, depending on the environment, to achieve the lowest possible “risk level”.
Any small lack of collaboration can cause difficulties.

It has been many years this concept is on focus in many countries worldwide. Meetings and conventions about this matter are important to spread priorities and reach a common goals (first of all reduction of work accidents) starting from many different realities.
More and more events like these ones are able to make historical changes in the way we develop new strategies and can also cause major changes in our attitude towards the future in terms of “Culture of Safety”.