Excape offers a full range of different models of stair chairs in order to supply the best response to evacuation needs.

A matter of safety
In case of emergency, the organizational personnel of a building welcoming thousands of people everyday must be ready to take action rapidly. Those most at risk are people with reduced mobility, who have difficulty to escape. Evacuation in an emergency means that all circumstances have to be considered:

  • injuries which compromise a person’s mobility
  • old people
  • disabled people
  • pregnant women
  • people suffering advanced psychologically and physically stress

Always safe with X-Series evacuation chairs and other evacuation and first aid solutions offered by Excape. Evacuation chairs improve security in buildings and they are an essential device for safety of schools, universities, airports, ships, museums, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets and any other public place. Excape evacuation chairs can be easily used also by people without any technical training and permit rapid and safe transport downstairs. With Excape evacuation chairs just one person can transport another rapidly and safely downstairs.
Click on the link below and discover the full range of Excape stair chairs, each one designed in order to provide the best response to specific evacuation needs.


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