In an emergency evacuation, every second counts and there’s no margin for error. Excape stair chairs, made in Italy by qualified Italian mechanics, renowned in the world for their expertise, are at the top of the emergency evacuation sector. An evacuation chair makes it possible for just one operator to carry another person both downhill over staircases with no need for effort, experience or specific technical training. Uphill transportation requires two people.

Evacuation chairs improve safety inside any building and today are increasing finding success and use in schools, museums, hotels, shopping malls and generally in any highly frequented places. In some nations (e.g. Holland and Great Britain) it is the national law that requires their presence in several locations.

Excape safety chairs are remarkable for their reduced weight (an average of 15 kg depending on the model) and their snap opening system which allows immediate use the chair.
Quickness of use is the key to success.
Watch the video and discover how quickly it works!