Our new Excape X 70 AIR has been studied and created to operate on every kind of stair and thanks to its 300 mm width allows a quick action inside the airplane. It can be easily steered in every kind of environment, even through the aircraft cabin’s corridor. This chair not only features our Excape X 50 characteristics, but it is equipped with a totally re-designed X-frame framework ensuring obstacles and the device’s length reduction. Our X 70 AIR is really a complete support: an evacuation and transport chair which permits not only a rapid and efficient descent of the stairs, but also easy and safe movements for passengers also uphill, thanks to its ergonomic handles system. Our X 70 AIR is supplied with 2 polypropylene 50 mm straps with a metallic belt clip.

x 70 AIR. Safety is with us.

Technical features

  • Material: aluminium
  • Length: 1110 mm
  • Length with external handles: 1450 mm
  • Height (opened chair): 1600 mm
  • Height (folded chair): 1070 mm
  • Width: 410 mm
  • Thickness (folded chair): 330 mm
  • Weight: 13,8 kg
  • Loading capicity: 150 kg