Excape X 50 gathers innovative functions of our X 30 with a telescopic seatback which improves at the same time the patient’s stability and the chair’s movements during transport on stairs. Thanks to an innovative pre-loading device system, its fabric-finished rubber straps always assure correct resistance and ensures an optimal breaking tension according to the transported person’s weight. Our X 50 is supplied with 2 polypropylene 50 mm straps.

X 50. Safety. Perfectly. 

Technical features

  • Height (opened chair): 1580 mm
  • Height c/ folded handle: 1060 mm
  • Width: 540 mm
  • Length: 930 mm
  • Thickness (folded chair): 320 mm
  • Anterior wheels: 100 mm with brake
  • Posterior wheels: 200 mm
  • Materials: Aluminium, PVC, PE, PP
  • Weight: 12,7 kg
  • Loading weight: 150 kg