The new evacuation chair Excape X 40 has been studied to ensure a greater comfort for the patient and to handle the most difficult scenarios.

Our X 40 not only features the usual characteristics of Excape evacuation chairs, but also aluminium armrests which improve stability and the patient’s psychological security. Thanks to an adjustable headrest and a reinforced seat, Excape X 40 is perfect to face any kind of action and movement necessity in emergency scenarios, even in intervention difficulties.

Excape X 40 is lightweight and compact thanks to its extremely restrained weight and thickness when it is folded. It is perfect for movements in critical spaces. Comfort and lightness in a single device. A safety warranty branded Excape.

Our X 40 is supplied with 2 polypropylene 50 mm straps.


Technical features

  • Height (opened chair): 1560 mm
  • Height (folded chair): 1160 mm
  • Width: 520 mm
  • Length: 870 mm
  • Thickness (folded chair): 180 mm
  • Anterior wheels: 100 mm with brake
  • Posterior wheels: 200 mm
  • Materials: Aluminium, PVC, PE, PP
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Load capacity: 150 kg