Our X Series has been developed to offer maximum manoeuvrability in confined spaces and on staircases so as to permit quick and efficient evacuation of those unable to move independently (even if the inability is temporary) from any type of building.

The sliding system permits easy control of the stair descent without the necessity to hold any weight. This is the reason why it can be used by anyone unable to walk and requiring transport. The innovative retractor system and the belts with linenized rubber assure correct resistance which guarantees the optimal breaking tension in any condition.

A telescopic backrest (standard on X50 and X70) assists grasp and control of descent, while at the same time increasing safety and stability of movement. In addition the device is easily folded which permits a considerable reduction of storage space and leaves room for passageways. In addition the rich padding contributes to a high level of stability. The seat is fully washable and in case of wearing or damage is easy replaced. Evacuation Chair

The X series are the only evacuation chairs with a hidden breaking fork and pirouetting wheel, a support which apart from assuring perfect manoeuvrability makes the possibility for any user to transport anyone in any condition in total safety realistic. The 200 mm front wheels allow the X series to proceed on any type of ground surface. The wheels made of moulded co polymers with ball bearings easily glide along and do not require a strong push. The choice of raw materials and the innovative assembling techniques (total frame) mean that X series will guarantee reliability for year.

The Excape X series is guaranteed for 12 months and today is the top solution on the market for transport and evacuation chairs. It is projected and realized in observance of the requirements of the Directive 93/42/CE “Medical devices” Logo CE.