X Series evacuation chairs are designed to achieve maximum maneuverability in little spaces, especially on stairways, allowing to safely evacuate any persons with mobility issues.

The self-braking sliding system makes the operator able to control the descent down stairs without any efforts.
This special built-in mechanism permits easy guiding of the stair descent without the necessity to hold any weight.
This is the reason why it can be used for anyone unable to walk (even if the inability is temporary) and requiring transport. The innovative retraction system and the belts with rubber lining assure correct resistance which guarantees the optimal breaking tension in any condition for a quick and continuous movement down the stairs towards the escape way from any type of building.

X Series includes 5 stair chair models, combining different technical aspects and finishes. One model for each operational requirement, each one designed to provide a logical answer to the issues originated from different environments. A telescopic backrest, standard on X 50 and X 70 models, assists grasp and control of descent, increasing at the same time safety and stability of movement. The device can be easily folded, obtaining a considerable reduction of storage space and leaving room for passageways. In addition, the rich padding contributes to a high comfort level. The seat is fully washable and in case of wearing or damage it is easily replaced.

Excape evacuation chairs are equipped with a hidden breaking fork and pivoting anterior wheels for assuring perfect manoeuvrability and allowing the user to transport anyone in any condition in total safety.
The 200 mm diameter rear wheels allow the X Series stair chairs to move on any type of ground surface. The wheels made of moulded co-polymers with ball bearings easily glide along and do not require a strong push.
All components are designed and contructed to achieve maximun silence during the use of the device.

The choice of raw materials and the innovative assembling technique (total frame) mean the X Series will guarantee reliability for many years. Our stair chairs are today the top solution on the market for transport and evacuation. They are designed in conformity with the requirements of the Directive 93/42/CE “Medical Devices” and marked with CE logo.

Excape offers evacuation, safety and first aid devices which are suitable non only for working environments, but for all gathering places, where it is necessary to constantly guarantee a total response for many people when an emergency occurs.