When you buy an Excape stair chair you are not only buying an evacuation device. Each of our models is a collection of unique features able to make a huge difference if compared to other brands. Here is what makes our evacuation chairs’ range so special and unique:

  • Self-braking slide system for stair descent with only one operator.
  • Front telescopic handles offer the possibility to adjust the grip in depth so as to guarantee that the operator always has the best angle for both upward and downward movement.
  • Foldable rear handles can be completely folded away to reduce clutter space during storage.
  • Removable seat in order to facilitate cleaning.
  • Removable padded headrest with adjustable height.
  • It allows both descending downstairs and lifting upstairs thanks to the telescopic handles.
  • Hand instructions available for the operator.
  • Welded and polished aluminium frame.
  • Easy and quick opening/closing system.
  • Extended slides for a 3 step-descent, made of rubber reinforced with canvas.
  • Extendable superior handle for stair chair guiding on stairs and on flat surfaces.
  • Rear wheels Ø 200 mm for easy manoeuvrability on all surfaces and complete shock absorption.
  • Pivoting front wheels Ø 100 mm.
  • Parking brakes on front wheels.
  • It closes for storage.
  • Customizable with writings and logos.

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