Not only stair chairs.
Always attentive to the needs of a sector in rapid and continuous evolution, Excape offers you a complete range of professional devices for safety and first aid.

Discover our range of recovery stretchers, which includes several models designed to offer rescue operators specific tools, with functions that adapt according to the particular intervention situations. Among these there are a divisible version that facilitates the storage of the device on the recovery vehicles, a version equipped with reinforced wheels for easy transport, models in steel and aluminum.

A specific recovery device is available for operations in confined spaces requiring vertical lifting.

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Spine boards with a pin system for a quick and safe use, which you can equip with a dedicated head immobilizer, a spider belt system and a set of collars for cervical immobilization.
Scoop stretcher, professional backpacks for rescue, multi-purpose emergency bag, set of rigid splints for limb immobilization and isothermal blanket for the most extreme situations.

Discover the innovative transfer sheet, a unique transport system that allows you to transport the non-traumatic patient safely and effortlessly.

Excape offers you solutions to effectively manage an emergency. Our staff is available to provide you with more information about our products and to respond to your specific requests.