Costa Diadema, Costa Pacifica, Costa Allegra, Costa Atlantica, Costa Classica, Costa Deliziosa, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Favolosa, Costa Fortuna, Costa Luminosa, Costa Magica, Costa Marina, Costa Mediterranea, Costa Neoriviera, Costa Pacifica, Costa Romantica, Costa Serena, Costa Victoria and Costa Voyager.

These are the luxurious ships within Costa Cruises fleet which have been equipped with 40 Excape evacuation chairs during the last years.
Based in Genova (Italy), Costa is the largest European cruise operator, covering destinations in the entire world. The total amount of passengers for last year has been 6.6 millions, confirming a huge growth trend.

Such an incredible amount of passengers on board of these gigantic ships requires a long series of specific regulations in terms of construction projects, safety procedures and certifications.
All the crew members are trained through many hours of theoric lessons, exams and periodic practical trainings under supervision of Commander Giorgio Moretti, Marine & Nautical Operations Director.

Actual legislation establishes that a specific task is assigned to each single member of the on board personnel in case an emergency occurs. There are many different roles to cover, as for example displacement officer, disabled people transport, fire-fighting operator, safety manager. Each task required a specific training and later updates.
Passengers’ safety on board must be granted 24/7 and the procedures must be always respected even for little events involving even one single person on board and for any small issue it may occur.

Excape evacuation chairs are used on Costa ships for passengers’ displacement from one deck to another in case of fire, illnesses due to rough sea or any emergency involving someone in need such as older people, pregnant women, injured persons or anybody having mobility issues.
Our presence on board makes us very proud, contributing to the safety of millions of people.