The story of our company is our story.

In 1999 the building in which a dear friend lived was totally destroyed by a fire. She was confined to a wheel chair and due to the fire the lifts were immediately out of service. She had to rely on the rescuers who unfortunately didn’t make it in time to her eighth floor flat.

It was this tragedy that stimulated us to find new solutions for evacuation and of course the events of 9/11 stimulated public attention to the necessity to guarantee to all, with permanent or temporary inability to move independently, a fast and rapid means of evacuation.

That is how the decision was taken. Our first step was to meet, discuss and evaluate the representatives of Italian mechanical engineering companies famed for their skill. The second step was to combine their construction skill with our ideas.

That’s where Excape started from.

It has taken nearly 10 years of ideas, projects and prototypes but the result we have today is pure excellence: our evacuation chairs Excape X Series offers mobility in all conditions while guaranteeing maximum safety and reliability to all.

Because in emergency evacuation conditions there can be no margin of error: success is life.