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The emergency backpack in case of an earthquake or flood: this is what it must contain

During an emergency, in the event of an earthquake or flood, you must be ready to immediately leave your home with sufficient equipment to overcome the impact of the first 24 hours of a catastrophic event. This in order for a single family to be able to afford little difficulties but if that situation is multiplied by a thousand, ten […]

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The best response to evacuation needs

Excape offers a full range of different models of stair chairs in order to supply the best response to evacuation needs.

A matter of safety
In case of emergency, the organizational personnel of a building welcoming thousands of people everyday must be ready to take action rapidly. Those most at risk are people with reduced mobility, […]

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Basket stretchers for every operational need

Every single operational context in the field of safety and rescue requires adequate and specific devices. Excape is able to offer a wide range of basket stretchers, each one designed for a different scenario, in order to provide operators and patients the best support in every situation.

Excape universal basket stretcher
It represents the perfect solution for […]

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The revolution of the evacuation sheet: WOW

Once upon a time there was a transfer sheet. Now there is WOW.
There are several factors that determine the progress of the emergency culture. One of these is certainly the research in the field of EMS aimed at solving problems that rescue workers encounter daily in carrying out their activities.
When a good idea translates […]

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Emergency Live, international web magazine of rescue

Founded in 2013, Emergency Live is the international web magazine focused on pre-hospital emergencies and rescue.

Emergency Live relies on the contribution of a highly experienced staff and correspondents located in different countries of the world, offering a comprehensive look on players, devices, interventions and new frontiers of rescue.
A tool for finding information, cross experiences, […]

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How does Excape stair chair work?

X Series evacuation chairs are designed to achieve maximum maneuverability in little spaces, especially on stairways, allowing to safely evacuate any persons with mobility issues.

The self-braking sliding system makes the operator able to control the descent down stairs without any efforts.
This special built-in mechanism permits easy guiding of the stair descent without the necessity […]

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The National Cinema Museum in Turin has chosen Excape

Located inside the Mole Antonelliana, major landmark building in Turin (Italy), the National Cinema Museum is a sacred place celebrating the history and the artworks of the Italian film industry.
The most solemn building of the city (“mole” means in Italian something of monumental proportions), completed in 1889, which was originally conceived of as a […]

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Are the earthquakes predictable? Always be prepared!

Earthquakes are within the major events requiring a prompt and safe emergency plan. Seismic events strike all of a sudden leaving people puzzled in the very first moments. First thing to do is to take shelter. First action to take is to make everyone in your environment safe.
Everyone should have a plan and be […]

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The concept of “Culture of Safety”

When it comes to the occupational health, safety is of utmost importance. Acknowledgment of the risks concerning any industrial activity are the starting point in order to determinate emergency plans and to achieve safe operations. Respect of fire and safety regulations, evacuation procedures, mobility plans for workers occupying dislocated quarters and scheduled training programs […]

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The picture of this world described by Google Trends. Search on.

Google Trends is nothing more than the ranking of the most searched words in the world on the search engine of the Mountain View company. The ranking allows to understand which topics have more interested users during the year 2017.

Globally, the ranking sees Hurricane Irma as the most sought after topic of the year. […]

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