Every single operational context in the field of safety and rescue requires adequate and specific devices. Excape is able to offer a wide range of basket stretchers, each one designed for a different scenario, in order to provide operators and patients the best support in every situation.

Excape universal basket stretcher
It represents the perfect solution for rescue in every kind of emergency situation, even the hardest one, such as in water, at altitude or in mines. It is the most versatile model within our range. This basket stretcher can be hoisted and leaves space to position Excape spine boards.

Excape separable basket stretcher
It combines the features of the universal basket stretcher to the possibility of being separated.
This model can be transversally divided improving storage and transport. To ensure a perfect hold between the two shells, four nylon cones and a security system protected by a protuberance have been inserted.

Excape basket stretcher with wheels and handles
It has been studied for difficult emergency situations, such as earthquakes and catastrophes. In such scenarios it is essential that even a single rescuer can transport a patient with an available device, reducing the items to use and focusing on resources efficiently.

Excape aluminium basket stretcher
It perfectly gathers technology, innovation and details attention. It has been made of a light alloy framework with an aluminium 30 mm tube which gives excellent torsion rigidity maintaining extreme lightness. Inside our basket stretcher there is the Excape spine board, equipped with pin and rapid release system. Modern rescue necessities inspired us in gathering spine board and basket stretcher to assure versatility, action rapidity and multi-functionality.

Excape stainless steel basket stretcher
Made with carbon steel frame, welded and then galvanized to render it resistant to the most adverse of climatic conditions, this basket stretcher is perfect to be used in confined spaces. Thanks to the several anchorage points placed around the upper perimeter it is possible to have many anchorages for spring catches ensuring both better vertical lifting and towing. To improve the patient’s comfort the surface is made of a selected marine multi-layered wood.

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