Earthquakes are within the major events requiring a prompt and safe emergency plan. Seismic events strike all of a sudden leaving people puzzled in the very first moments. First thing to do is to take shelter. First action to take is to make everyone in your environment safe.
Everyone should have a plan and be prepared and this is valid for everybody: industries, schools, hospitals, museums, every place of gathering and even private homes.

In the all world, since at least one decade, the debate is being open about whether earthquakes can be predictable. Some scientists and geological experts have been engaged in analyzing past and recent occurrences in order to acquire more knowledge about these natural events.

Michael Yuri Janitch, from St. Louis, Missouri is now the most controversial independent scientist about the matter.
By the stage name “Dutchsinse” he has created a YouTube channel updated daily with warnings for almost every country in the world. The 24/7 live stream on the same channel shows every single day the real time earthquake activity on the planet. During his 8-year long activity, a deep study of pressure transfer between the earth plates and of volcanic activity worldwide, has allowed Dutchsinse to interpret the expected short-term terrestrial movements in a way they actually reveal correct in most cases.

Dutchsinse is extremely categorical in affirming that according to his experience the earthquakes are not predictable, but they are forecastable. As for the weather, even for a seismic event, there are many signs (pressure transfer on well identified plates, volcanic activity, solar activity, etc.) which can lead to produce a weekly based forecast.

This is an interesting and exciting debate. But, whenever safety is concerned, this is not the point. Every time, everywhere, security must be granted to every person.

Dutchsinse always finishes his live streams with a good advice: “Don’t be scared, be prepared!“.
And we agree with him, because that is in the end what we all should do.
As for safety in buildings, any sudden emergency event can only be faced up if the best professional devices are already in place.
The presence of evacuation stair chairs in multistory buildings can save a life.
Nothing else matters.