It was a great honor for us to meet many of our partners during A+A Exhibition in Düsseldorf (Germany) last October. International trade fairs are a wonderful moment to establish deeper business relationships with our partners and friends all over the world and an opportunity to throw new seeds in the field of innovation.

Looking towards the future, Excape is strongly concerned in the development of new projects in order both to meet customers’ particular requirements and to become more and more compliant with an illuminated vision of safety, security and health at work. Our goal is always the same: to make safety easily available for everyone in need.

A+A Exhibition gathers more than 65,000 specialist visitors from 86 countries, 1,896 exhibitors from 55 countries in a 68,245 sqm net exhibition space. It hosts 86% decision-makers from industry, commerce, services, the trades, safety and health.

This is really amazing!

Meet there again in 2019!